PVC Building Materials for Commercial Industry

Trusscore for Walls and Ceilings

Our range of PVC building materials for commercial industry brings a new way to build buildings! Furthermore, there is no similar product offer in supermarkets or elsewhere. This is why contractors adopted our products.

Trusscore panels are the perfect solution to cover the interior walls and ceilings of your commercial and industrial buildings. Not only they are sanitaries but, thanks to the glossy white finish, they bring a bright and clean appearance.

Undeniably, it’s the best product to replace conventional coverings used in industrial or commercial installations. For example, it allows considerable savings compared to other products such as wood or drywalls by saving labor time during works: no coating drywall joints and no painting. These panels are also available in white or grey and they are perfect for:

Laundry RoomsHydroponicsCar Washes
Cold RoomsSchoolsMarinas
ShopsFishing IndustriesPublic Washrooms
Industrial KitchensLaboratoriesRefrigeration


Superior Antibacterial Performance

Trusscore panels offers a chemical resistant and sanitary alternative to conventional systems, meeting the rigorous standards of CFIA (Canada) and FDA & USDA (US) requirements for walls and ceilings.

A Waterproof Product

The tongue&groove panels are waterproof so no risks for mold. Which means they’re appropriate for damp places or in contact with water.

Minimum Maintenance

Easy to clean with a pressure washer. To disinfect, you can use soft soap or bleach. At the same time, panels gives a bright and clean appearance. In short, you will never need to paint!

Cost Effective

With a finished cost that’s comparable to other construction materials, while never needing replacing, repainting, or refinishing, Trusscore’s sanitary wall & ceiling panel systems ensure a lifetime of savings.

More Building Materials for Commercial Industry

  • Panneau de PVC Norlock comme murs séparateurs
  • Panneau de PVC RibCore pour murs et plafonds
  • Panneau de PVC Steelcore pour murs et plafonds
  • Panneau de contreplaqué-plywood laminé
  • Panneau de polyéthylène

NorLock PVC Panel

Norlock PVC panels for agricultural sector are perfect as freestanding dividing walls to create, for example, electrical rooms or any other divisions for your commercial premises or warehouses. For example, it’s possible to manufacture doors and to quickly assemble walls or partitions without creating a frame. Two versions available: with or without tongue and groove ends.

  • Here for NorLock details product

RibCore PVC Corrugated Panel

For a more economical option, the Ribcore PVC corrugated panels can be installed on ceilings, in addition to the Trusscore panels. Considering they are less rigid than Trusscore walls and ceilings panels to fix shelves, RibCore’s advantage is really the price. In addition, they gives a shiny apprearance inside the building.

  • Here for RibCore details product

Trusscore SlatWall PVC Storage Board

Trusscore SlatWall PVC storage board is a heavy-duty and easy-to-install solution to maximize the space in your garage, workshop or office. They’re suitable for commercial as well as residential and they allow versatility to quickly configure a storage space. Also fits perfectly with Trusscore wall&ceiling boards.

  • Here for SlatWall details product

Laminated Plywood Panel

For area with greater risks to receive strong impacts, laminated plywood panels are better suitable to meet this specific needs. First, they are strong and sanitary. Second, they’re avilable in multiple thicknesses. Made from select spruce and laminated on one side with polyethylene. For all these reasons, you’ll love this product!

  • Here for laminated plywood panel details

HDPE Panel (high density polyehtylene)

Material that meets sanitary standards with an excellent resistance to chemicals, the polyethylene panel is the most resistant to high impacts. Available in white (grade A) or dark grey (grade B). It is an asset to consider.

  • Here for HDPE panel details

Plastic Construction Beams

Our plastic construction beams can easily replace a bottom wood wall plate as plastic will never rot. It’s perfect for any farm building where cleaning with plenty of water is made on a regular basis.

  • Here for construction beams details

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