Other Construction Materials

We carry a diverse line of other construction materials and various products for commercial, residential or industrial use.

Whether it’s a PVC panel or a freestanding wall, a non-slip rubber mat, parking bumpers or deck boards, all of our other construction materials are made in Canada or in Europe. You can buy individually or in large quantities and we deliver everywhere in Québec.

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Various Applications for our Other Construction Materials
Laundry rooms HydroponicsNurseriesMarinas
Cold roomsSchoolsHospitalMicrobreweries
Fishing industryParking lot
ShopsBarns LaboratoriesRefrigeration
Industrial kitchensGaragesCar-washesPublic washrooms


PVC Products

All our PVC panels are chemicals resistant and sanitary as well and they offer e great alternative to other conventional products. Also, they meet the rigorous standards of CFIA (Canada) and FDA & USDA (US) requirements for walls and ceilings

Easy to Clean

Our range of PVC products is perfect for installations that needs to be cleaned frequently. All can be washed with a pressure washer without any problems.

Reduced Installation Time

Whether installing panels or freestanding walls, you will save labor time. On some projects, it can represent up to two weeks of time saving, which cannot be ignored.

Local Purchase

By purchasing our product, you promote Québec and Canadian companies. You employ local people and we can give you a traceability of the product. At Agriclé, the customer is at the heart of our company.

  • Panneau de contreplaqué-plywood laminé
  • Panneau de polyéthylène

Laminated Plywood Panel

For places at risks to receive high impacts, the laminated plywood panels are highly recommended. First, they are solid and second, they are available in different thicknesses. Made with Canadian select spruce and laminated on one side with polyethylene.

  • Here for HDPE panel details

Plastic Construction Beams

Our construction beams are made of 100% recycled plastic. They can easily replace a wood beam or plank. They’re great for humid areas or anything in contact with soil, as plastic won’t mold or rot. You can use them as bottom wall plate during the construction of your building, garden outline, docks and many other specific applications.

  • Here for construction beams details

HDPE Panel (high density polyehtylene)

Material that meets sanitary standards with an excellent resistance to chemicals, the polyethylene panel is ideal to cover interior walls as its the most resistant to high impacts and humidity. Available in white (grade A) or dark grey (grade B).

  • Here for HDPE panel details

Panneau de recouvrement PEHD pour fondation

Le panneau de recouvrement HDPE pour fondation est un produit 100% polyéthylène, développé par Agriclé et fabriqué au Québec. Il a été conçu pour répondre à un besoin des contracteurs qui recherchaient un produit pour mieux protéger les panneaux isolants qui recouvrent les fondations en béton des bâtiments agricoles

  • Tous les détails du Panneau de recouvrement ici

Utility Products for Construction

Puzzle mat model 2.7 from Dobro is perfect to cover the floor of a garage, warehouse, shed or any other area. Its non-slip surface prevents slipping even if it’s soaked. Easy to cut with a utility knife. See details on Agriclé website.

These parking bumpers are made from rubber and polyurethane. For example, they’re ideal to separate places in shopping mall. 3M reflective strips very visible at night. See details on Agriclé website.

Our polyethylene carts can be very useful to transport material or waste on a construction site. Rotomolded, they have a long lifespan. 10″ front swivel wheels. See details on Agriclé website.

Dekavie deck boards are manufacture and sold in Québec for over 23 years. They are made from 100% recycled plastic. Easy to install, you won’t need to do any maintenance once your patio is done. No more painting or dyeing! Visit Dekavie website for details.