Polycarbonate Panel for Commercial

For a product that offers a combination of robustness with exceptional impact resistance, choose the LEXAN polycarbonate.

The polycarbonate panel for commercial responds to a need of architects and builders who are looking for new solutions to meet the demand of their customers who want structures in harmony with the environment.

The LEXAN Multiwall panel is an excellent choice as it allows the construction market to be exploited, regardless of the project. There are virtually no limits to install the polycarbonate sheet. Available with 2-3 or 5 walls with a choice of colors and sizes


  • Bus shelters
  • Office division walls
  • Warehouses
  • Car washes
  • Vertical walls
  • Skylights
  • Greenhouses
  • Municipal swimming pool roofs
  • Stadium roofs


Lightness & Rigidity

The unique formula of LEXAN MULTIWALL polycarbonate panel is what gives it that excellent balance between lightness and high rigidity.

Easy to install

Simple to install, the sheet can be cut with conventional tools and it can also be cold bent to give it a desired curve.

Nearly unbreakable

Extremely strong, the panel will not break unlike glass or acrylic sheet. It is highly resistant to impacts and weather conditions.

10-year warranty + 5

The LEXAN has a 10-year limited warranty against breakage, loss of impact resistance, yellowing and loss of light transmission. Amerilux offers 5 more years. Contact us for details.

We stock certain dimensions in certain sizes and colors. There is always the possibility to place orders according to your needs with minimum quantities required. There is also the Thermoclick interlocking (tongue & groove) polycarbonate panel for specific projects and the Topgal Roofing System. See all the models we have as well as prices in the Plast-X brochure.

For a more economical product, we also sell the polycarbonate corrugated sheet which is suitable for different applications.