NEXform Pvc Concrete wall-forming system

NEXform is a revolutionary concrete wall-forming system that offers a cost-effective solution to traditional formwork wall construction, combining durability with ease of installation.

The PVC form are filled with pre-mixed concrete and rebar reinforcement. It stays in place to create a nearly indestructible wall, energy-efficient, that reflect sound and highly resilient in storm-prone areas.

Components are available in 6″ and 8″ sizes for an insulated option. Insulating panels are made in Quebec from EPS (expanded polystyrene foam) for better performance.

NEXform Wall-Forming System Highlights

  • Easy to install: form and spacers snap together horizontally, simplifying assembly.
  • No water leaks: thanks to the absence of double fasteners, water leakage problems are eliminated.
  • Thickness options: Available in two thicknesses, 6” and 8” (for insulation shapes), to suit different construction needs.
  • Strong materials: Made of extremely durable PVC, lined with pre-mixed concrete and rebar.
  • Optimized spacing: the 9″ width of the forms allows perfect spacing of 18″ vertical rebar.
  • Unique corner design: Corners remain exposed until the final piece is in place, facilitating installation and inspection. Wide “45-degree” corners fill completely with concrete, unlike similar products.
  • High-quality extrusion: NEXform components are made in Canada by the largest PVC extrusion manufacturer in North America.