PVC Panels for Hydroponics

Trusscore for walls and ceilings

Trusscore PVC panels for hydroponic are great for covering walls and ceilings. They’re easy to install and to clean. No matter the type of greenhouse (vegetables, cannabis, fruits or flowers), you’ll save labor and maintenance time. Thanks to its pre-drilles border (for screws) and unique trims, you can save up to two weeks of labor when doing a project. In the end, that’s a lot of money in your pocket!

These panels are perfect where hygiene and durability are crucial, especially in greenhouses. And most important, they have a lifespan almost unlimited! Large choice of trims available. All panels and trims are sold by units or packs.

Above all, with it’s glossy white finish, it brings a bright and clean appearance on walls and ceilings inside your rooms. And what is really nice about those panels, is that they have a tongue and grooved system, so screws are invisibles. In summary, the range of Trusscore products are:

  • Proudly made in Canada
  • 100% plastic so not rust
  • No mold
  • No rot
  • Speed of installation
  • Non-porous surface
  • Easy to clean with a pressure washer


Superior Antibacterial Performance

Trusscore panel for hydroponic greenhouses, as well as other products from Trusscore company, offers a great alternative to similar products. Panels can be coated with Aegis antimicrobial. This way, the surface will be inhospitable to germs, yeasts, molds and fungi.


Once installed, cost is similar to other construction products but, you will never have to replace or paint them. In the long run, Trusscore panels will help to save money, isn’it wonderful?

Chemicals Resistant

Trusscore panels are chemicals and scratches resistant. You will never have to change waals or ceilings due to rot, as it’s the case with wood or drywallc. Trusscore meets the rigorous standards of CFIA (Canada) and FDA & USDA (US) requirements.


Trusscore panel repels water. You will never see mold since the plastic does not absorb any liquid. You can wash them with pressure washer without any problem.

More PVC Products for Hydroponic

  • Panneau de PVC Norlock comme murs séparateurs
  • Panneau de PVC RibCore pour murs et plafonds
  • Panneau de polyéthylène

NorLock PVC Panel

NorLock by Trusscore PVC panels for hydroponic are perfects to create flowering chambers or harvest rooms. They allows to quickly mount walls or partitions without doing a frame, so that’s why we call them modular wall system. Two versions available: with or without tongue and groove ends.

  • Here for NorLock details product

RibCore PVC Corrugated Panel

For a more economical option, the Ribcore PVC corrugated panels can be installed on ceilings, in addition to the Trusscore panels, or on walls for a smaller budget. In addition, they gives a shiny apprearance inside the building.

  • Here for RibCore details product

Trusscore SlatWall PVC Storage Board

Trusscore SlatWall PVC storage board is a heavy-duty and easy-to-install solution to maximize the space in your greenhouse or office. They’re suitable for commercial as well as residential and they allow versatility to quickly configure a storage space. Also fits perfectly with Trusscore wall&ceiling boards.

  • Here for SlatWall details product

HDPE Panel (high density polyehtylene)

Material that meets sanitary standards with an excellent resistance to chemicals, the polyethylene panel is ideal to cover interior walls where high impacts are expected. Available in white (grade A) or dark grey (grade B).

  • Here for HDPE panel details

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