Recycled Plastic Construction Beams

100 % recycled plastic construction beams are a great alternative to wood beam if your installations are in located in humid area or directly in contact with ground. Why? Because there’s no chance your beams will rot. And compare to wood, the plastic won’t crack or broke.

You can use the same working tools with plastic beams as if you work wood. It’s easy to cut and screw through platic. And, we carry some different sizes of the recycled plastic construction beams to meet your needs.

100% plastic beams are not as structural as wood. That means they can’t be used as a supporting structure.

The best part about this? Once your works are done, you can throw the trims in the recycle bin as it’s made of 100% recycled plastic. So, not only it’s an ecological product but it’s also a practical one!

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  • Sandbox contour.
  • To cover bottom of a trailer.
  • Make a landscaping strip outline.
  • Lumber to install at the base of a wooden structure to prevent rotting of at the bottom of a wall in the event of water damage.
  • To make a garden outline.
  • As a bottom wall plate in construction.
  • Use for projects in contact with soil.

  • Excellent alternative to wood or metal.
  • Made of 100% recycled plastic.
  • Long lifespan and cost effective.
  • Custom lenght if ordered in large quantity.
  • Won’t rot or rust.
  • Product made in Quebec.
  • Easy to cut.


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