RibCore by Trusscore PVC Corrugated Panel

RibCore by Trusscore PVC corrugated panel is a high-strength panel that is long-lasting, simple to install and maintain. It’s an excellent value for your money as it’s a cost-effective product. With its white and bright gloss finish, it creates an interesting brightness inside buildings.

There is two types of corrugated: with corrugations each 3″ or 9″.

Perfect to cover walls and ceilings, these panels are chemicals, scratches and humidity resistant. The content of PVC also contains protection against UV rays. So, the plastic won’t crack due to the sun. You can install it yourself if you want as it’s not to difficult to manipulate. We also carry trims to make a professional look.

Ideal for a broad range of agricultural, commercial, and industrial applications like: warehouses, public bathrooms and showers, garages, horses stables, dog kennels, drive sheds and much more. Bring as many projects as you want! Different options must be considered when planning your building : you can match RibCore by Trusscore PVC corrugated panel with Trusscore or NorLock boards. In short, with any other walls and ceilings panels.

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  • Great alternative to metal or wood (will not rot or rust).
  • White high-strength 100% virgin polymer panel.
  • Easy to clean with a pressure washer.
  • Bright high gloss finish. Superior light reflectivity.
  • Long-lasting and cost-effective. Excellent value for your money!
  • Reversible profile: can be installed one way or the other.
  • Government-Accepted for Food Production areas (#3100-3/R134).
  • Cuts easily with scissors, hand or power saws.
  • Can be match with other PVC products like Trusscore or NorLock.

  • Dog kennels
  • Horses stables
  • Warehouses
  • Garages
  • Commercial or industrial buildings
  • All kind of livestock farms
  • Hydroponic greenhouses
  • Public bathrooms and showers
  • And much more