Who didn’t dream one day to have “ze” garage to highlight your objects of desire? We browse garage pictures on the web, like James Bond garage, and we think that its unrealistic for us, that its impossible to have the garage of our dreams.

At each spring, we open the garage door, a little bit discouraged, and we say to ourselves that we should do a big cleaning week-end to properly store all our objects.

We would like our bicycles away of the floor, tools always at their storage space so we don’t look for them at all times, that bins full of various objects are properly stored and to have clean walls. So why not a rearrangement?

Impossible to realize because you think its to expensive? Make no mistake! Now, with Trusscore PVC panels and Trusscore SlatWall, the garage of your dreams is now accessible.

If you already have a garage, you just need to install panels over drywalls (vous n’avez qu’à installer les panneaux par-dessus le placoplâtre (you will previously need to add strapping). If you start your project from scratch, then you will save some steps during installation:

  • No drywall to install
  • No drywall joint compound to apply so no dust!
  • No paint to do
  • And you save installation time

And with accessories like hooks, shelves, paniers and toolbox, each object will have their own space.

Nowadays, garage became a home extension to spend some time with friends. So go, get ready and start your project, start the garage of your dreams!