More than ever, measures against pandemic are importants, whether they are small or big. To act in time of pandemic and not react. Every action has a consequence. The goal for each of us is to protect ourselves and people around us against Covid 19. Hospitals and emergencies has to quickly set up methods to minimize risks of contagion.

Trusscore Material+Science company reacts quickly by using NorLock panel, which already exist, and designed foot plates and clips to create free-standing walls, found an antimicrobial treatment, make everything approved by Health Canada and put on the market antimicrobial TempWall panels.

Those free-standing modular panels allows to create temporary or permanent spaces. They are easy to install in many configurations. Thanks to company quick reaction, many hospitals, CIUSSS and clinics took advantage of these panels to help them counter virus propagation.

It is through actions like these that we can be proud of what we achieve. To act and do actions in time of pandemic and not waiting things arrived.

Examples of actions:
  • Restaurant managers who started making take-out meals
  • Companies that have started telework
  • Moms at home who started doing masks
  • Clothing manufactures who have rehired to make hospital visors and clothing
  • Fundraising campaigns to help precarious families
  • Companies who decided to offer to employees their vacation weeks instead of laying them off or unemployed them

In short, a host of actions were taken to help his neighbor, employees, family or community. More than ever, we could see that mutual aid still has its place!