You are a contractor?

You Would be Interested in Installing our Products?

You are a general contractor? An engineer? An architect? Are you looking for quality, durable and made in Canada PVC products? We carry a wide range of PVC panels, laminated plywood, dividing walls and much more to meet your needs. Whether it’s for agricultural, residential or industrial industry, we have the right product for you!

Why Work with Agriclé?

As a distributor, we can supply your company in small or large quantities. We keep a large inventory of our products and we operate a fleet of trucks to deliver to your sites. You want to collect yourself the material? No problem, we offer fast and courteous service!

Doing business with Agriclé means working with a company who have the success of its partner at heart. All of our products are manufactured in Canada so it’s easy for us to have a traceability. We have been working since several years with the same manufacturers so it’s easy for us to act quickly if necessary.

Our advisors are knowledgeable and well trained to accompany you from the start on your project. They will assist you until the end of works and will advise you wisely if needed. A glitch during works? We always showed up to resolve it as soon as possible. With us, the customer is not a number, it’s a business partner whom we treat with respect.

So if you are a contractor and want to have more information to become a partner, contact Jean-Rémy Cloutier to discuss possibilities.