High Density Polyethylene Panels, Sheets and Rolls (HDPE)

High Density Polyethylene Panels (HDPE) can easily replace drywalls on walls inside your buildings. The most impact resistant smooth surface panels. They are suitables for agricultural, residential and commercial environments.

It’s the most resistant smooth surface HDPE panel against strong impacts. It will hardly break under the force of a blow from an animal, machinery, or recurring friction.


They are especially recommended inside buildings where there’s humidity, such as farms or greenhouses. Also, they are very useful in areas exposed to chemicals or places that requires recurring cleaning. Unlike wood or drywall, HDPE wall panels will never rot or mildew since they are 100% plastic. Another keypoint is that the glossy white finish brings brightness inside building and, as the surface is smooth and non-porous, you can clean the panel with a high pressure washer. It’s ideal for sanitary environments like commerical kitchens, health centers, hospitals, etc.

Polyethylene can be screwed, glued or even riveted for a strong and durable installation. It comes in a 4′ x 8′ HDPE sheet of various thickness (grade A in white and grade B in dark grey). 


The High Density Polyethylene plastic sheeting roll (HDPE) is ideal as a feeder in dairy farms or a covering for bottom of the walls. HDPE roll comes in a 4′ x 8′ roll of various thickness (grade A in white and grade B in dark grey). 

Custom lenght available (minimum quantity required).

  • Recommended for buildings where humidity is present since it is 100% waterproof
  • Resistant against chemical products
  • Recommended for very demanding industries where traffic with large equipment is frequent
  • Corrosion resistant material, It does not rot or mold
  • The energy transmitted from a high impact can deform the panel but won’t break it
  • Withstands temperature variations without cracking
  • The smooth and non-porous surface is easy to clean with a pressure washer
  • High density plastic sheet available in White and Grey
hdpe sheets 4x8 near me
black high density polyethylene sheet
polyethylene plastic roll


  • Polyethylene panel can be glued, screwed, and even riveted for a durable installation
HDPE48.96-110100 mil16.2 lbs125
HDPE48.96-110GRIS100 mil16.2 lbs125
HDPE48.96-220220 mil35.7 lbs60
HDPE48.96-220GRIS220 mil35.7 lbs60
HDPE48.96-375375 mil61.8 lbs40
HDPE48.96-375GRIS375 mil61.8 lbs40
HDPE48.96-440440 mil72.3 lbs35
HDPE48.96-440GRIS440 mil72.3 lbs35


HDPE30.50.10030″ x 50′100 mil65 lbs6
HDPE30.50.22030″ x 50′220 mil140 lbs6
HDPE30.100.22030″ x 100′220 mil286 lbs4
HDPE36.50.10036″ x 50′100 mil77 lbs6
HDPE36.50.22036″ x 50′220 mil168 lbs6
HDPE36.100.10036″ x 100′100 mil154 lbs4
HDPE36.100.22036″ x 100′220 mil330 lbs4
HDPE48.50.10048″ x 50′100 mil101 lbs6
HDPE48.100.10048″ x 100′100 mil205 lbs4


  • Cold Rooms and Freezers
  • Covering for Walls or Bottom of the Walls
  • Feeders for Dairy Farms
  • Horses Stables
  • Indoor Rink Boards
  • Kennels
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Piggeries
  • Warehouses