LEXAN Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet


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Lightweight and resistant, the Lexan Multiwall polycarbonate sheet are your best choice to create exterior walls and ceilings in a place where brightness and insulation are important: greenhouse, pergola, shelter, warehouse, farm, kennel, car wash, indoor pool, etc. Not only it’s available in 2, 3 or 5 walls depending on the model, but also thickness varies from 4 to 50 mm.

These polycarbonate Multiwall roof panels are made from LEXANtm resin, a worldwide recognized material for over 40 years. For this reason, huge projects like stadiums, were made with these insulating polycarbonate panels.



  • The Lexan panel serves as a thermal barrier (see R value)
  • High light transmission
  • Extremely impact-resistant material (the alveolar polycarbonate sheet is 200 times more than glass)
  • Resistant to climatic variations (snow, heat, hail, strong wind)
  • Very light, unlike glass
  • Treated against UV rays
  • Drip-proof (treatment that reduces formation of droplets, allowing water to slide better along the panel)
  • The Lexan polycarbonate sheet is available in Clear, Bronze and Opal (for White and Softlite color or custom lenght, a minimum purchase is required)



commercial and industrial roofing

For a large-scale project, a smaller project or for a renovation, the multi-wall transparent polycarbonate panel (or tinted panel) can be installed as both glazing and roofing.

It allows natural light to enter the building (the percentage varies depending on the model and shade) and thus saves energy.

This is an asset for any industrial or commercial construction.

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Whether it’s a large-area greenhouse, a nursery or a vegetable greenhouse, polycarbonate panels are definitely a major asset for this type of construction.

Thanks to its UV treatment, it is resistant to degradation due to the sun and bad weather. It offers excellent light transmission, which is a very important feature.

Its anti-drip and anti-condensation coating also plays a major role.

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lexan twin wall polycarbonate


residential polycarbonate roof

There are many applications for polycarbonate panel at home. All you have to do is imagine the project and all we have to do is provide you with the equipment!

At all times, the sunlight will warm up your interior or protect you from the rain on your patio, without blocking the view of the sky.

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A wide variety of lengths, thicknesses and colors are available and possibility to place some special orders (minimum quantity required).

DetailsWidthVLT*U Value**R Value***Qty/palet
Verolite Clear 4′ x 8′6 mm82%0.621.6140
Verolite Clear 4′ x 12′6 mm82%0.621.6130
Thermoclear Bronze 4′ x 8′6 mm50%0.621.6140
Thermoclear Bronze 4′ x 12′6 mm50%0.621.6130
Verolite Clear 4′ x 12′8 mm81%0.571.7530
Verolite Clear 4′ x 16′8 mm81%0.571.7525
Verolite Clear 4′ x 20′8 mm81%0.571.7520
Verolite Bronze 4′ x 12′8 mm30%0.571.7530
Verolite Bronze 4′ x 16′8 mm30%0.571.7525
Verolite Bronze 4′ x 20′8 mm30%0.571.7520
Verolite Opal 4′ x 12′8 mm40%0.571.7530
Verolite Opal 4′ x 16′8 mm40%0.571.7525
Verolite Opal 4′ x 20′8 mm40%0.571.7520
Thermoclear White 4′ x 8′10 mm20%0.521.9240
Thermoclear Clear 4′ x 16′16 mm74%0.402.5020
Thermoclear Clear 4′ x 16′16 mm74%0.402.5020
Thermoclear Clear 6′ x 12′16 mm74%0.402.5020

*VLT (Visible Light Transmission): Indicates the amount of visible light that can pass through the panel. The higher the number, the more natural light comes through.
**U-Value: Heat is transferred from a warm area to a cold area. The U-value indicates the panel’s ability to resist heat transfer. The lower the value, the better the energy performance.
***R-Value: Indicates the thermal resistance of a material (the ability to insulate a space). The higher the value, the more effective the product is.


  • U profile polycarbonate is used to close top and bottom of the panel, preventing dust, insects, and mold from entering flutes.
  • H Trim serves as a joint between two panels for an impeccable finish.
  • To keep flutes clean, we recommend using dustproof tapes: sealing tape for the top and breathable tape for the bottom of the panel.
  • Self-tapping screws with reamers for panel of 10 mm and less or for 16 and 25 mm thick.

PRO ADVICE: anti-dust tape prevent dust entering the flutes of the polycarbonate panel.


Lightweight and easy to install, the polycarbonate panel can be installed as a wall or roof. For detailed instructions, view and download the installation and technical guide.