PVC Panels for Residential

Garages and Workshops

Made in Canada from high-strenght polymer formulation, Trusscore PVC panels for residential walls and ceilings changed the industry of construction, especially for home garages. It’s also the best selling product in Canada.

This product replace standard coverings such as wood or drywall. They allows to save time and money due to speed of installation (no coating drywall joints and no paint). A large choice of trims is also available for a neat finish for all products listed at the bottom of this page.

Trusscore Wall and Ceiling Board is Perfect for:
  • Workshop
  • Shed
  • Cold room
  • Garage interior finishing
  • Pantry
  • Closet
  • Laundry room
  • Basement


Ease of Installation

Trusscore panel for residential industry doesn’t need specific tools or special skills to install it. It’s perfect for people doing it themselves. And you don’t have to be a pro!

Strong and Durable

These panels will never need to be replaced. The unique design, which gives its strenght and resistance, makes it ideal for any rooms in the house, including high traffic areas.

Minimum Maintenance

Easy to clean with a pressure washer. To disinfect, you can use soft soap or bleach. At the same time, panels gives a bright and clean appearance. In short, you will never need to paint!

No Dust!

Imagine: you’ve just finished to install interior wall panels and there’s no dust! Just need to clean and your room is ready to use!

More Materials to Complete your Residential Works

  • Panneau de PVC RibCore pour murs et plafonds
  • Panneau de PVC Steelcore pour murs et plafonds
  • Panneau de PVC Steelcore pour murs et plafonds

RibCore PVC Corrugated Panel

A little bit less practical but more economical, RibCore PVC corrugated panels can be installed, in addition to Trusscore panels, on walls or ceilings. And they gives a shiny apprearance inside the building.

  • Here for RibCore details product

Trusscore SlatWall PVC Storage Board

The Trusscore SlatWall PVC storage board is a heavy-duty and easy-to-install solution to maximize the space in your garage, workshop or office. They allow versatility to quickly configure a storage space regarding your changing needs. Also fits perfectly with Trusscore wall&ceiling boards.

  • Here for SlatWall details product

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