The Vanlife way of life continues its momentum and Canadians are more and more fond of it. Who does not dream of freedom, wide open spaces and take the road independently in his conversion van made to last? A roof, a bed, a kitchenette and a toilet, that’s all you need to take off. And it’s not necessary to leave for a month or more to enjoy the Vanlife, a weekend is enough: you pack your bike, skis, kayak or even your motorcycle and you just get out of your routine!

As for the RV itself, some prefer to buy a used and already equipped vehicle, while others get a new van to finish the interior to their liking, according their needs.


  • First, you need to have time in front of you to make such a project, but the satisfaction will only be greater.
  • Second, it is necessary to carry out its research based on multiple options offered for the layout: materials for the walls, ceiling and floor, insulation, sink, cabinets, beds, storage, water system, electricity, etc. Above all, you have to make your purchases according to your needs and what you want as a living space. Just think about it before the project.
  • It requires a certain basic knowledge in renovation, otherwise tutorials and other videos are abundant on the internet. And there are always friends willing to lend a hand or offer their advice. It’s up to you to take advantage of it! And why not invite them for a short tour once the project is finished!

Basically, despite your preparation, initial plans may change along the way. Know how to adapt.


The walls consist of three layers: the outer wall of the vehicle, which is made of aluminum, the layer of insulation (both for noise and heat) and the finish. Of course, the types of materials are numerous when it comes to choose the finishing coating: wood, plywood, wood fiber or PVC panel.

As much as wood, with its variants, gives a warm result, it will have to be coated with oil or wax to protect it. That’s extra labor. Wood can also rot or mold at some point, due to moisture. Same issue for or small water damage if it is not well dried.

Panneau pour douche dans un van aménagé
Shower cabinet made with Trusscore Wall&Ceiling Board


Obviously, PVC, is a really effective material to cover the interior walls for the following reasons:

  • Tongue&groove panels, lightweights and easy to install
  • Provides brightness by its white color and smooth appearance (also available in gray)
  • Water is not an enemy for PVC: no rot or mold
  • No maintenance to do and easy to clean
  • Robust, it does not break easily
  • No drying time: once installed, it’s ready to use

It’s the perfect material to do shower/bathroom.


The PVC construction Trusscore Wall & Ceiling Boards, manufactured in North America, has been sold for years on the commercial, industrial and residential market. It has amply proven itself as a quality product to replace other materials. The unique design of the 3/4″ panel provides strength and longevity that makes it among the best on the market. A choice of trims is available for an impeccable finish.


And, to optimize storage in the RV, the Trusscore SlatWall storage panel fits perfectly with the Trusscore Wall & Ceiling Board. By adding basket, shelf or hooks, you will maximize all the space without being a mess.

In short, hours of guaranteed fun to set up your conversion van made to last! You’ll be so proud of the result and, you’ll have the peace of mind to travel miles of adventure.

You have pictures of your van equipped with our products? We want to see them!